Tuesday, April 25, 2017

IMTX Banquet

What a great evening I had at the Ironman Banquet! It was an honor to be among so many amazing and inspiring people/athletes!
Oh my gosh I met Mike Reilly! And the best part is he knew who I was! It was such a highlight for me! He is so genuine and excited for us athletes that you can't help but be inspired. And with his million dollar smile you can't help but grin from ear to ear! 
This lady has been with me from the very beginning of my tri life! My coach, Gena Alvarez, has coached me thru illness and injury and got me to each start and finish! Let me tell you that is no east feat! She has seen me thru many tears which if you know me is rivers!She has held my hand in the ER! And she has gotten me thru training for one of the most physically challenging races there are when the odds have been stacked against me! She got me to the start line of Ironman Texas ya'll! And I can't wait to see her at the finish line!
I finally got to meet up with my friend Jana Richtrova! Talk about an AMAZING athlete! I got to see her cross the finish line and place in Kona last year (not her first time or her last)! Hoping to see her again in Kona this year! She is such an inspiration! (And I'm hoping some of her speed and talent rubbed off on me at dinner! Lol!) 
And Susan who has been my life line thru this experience, Brian our fearless Tritats leader, and I hanging with the Iron Man Voice Mike Reilly!!
This has been an amazing, emotional, and inspiring evening!!


  1. I saw Jana (I think this Jana) while we were volunteering at mile 1. When I saw the name on the bib - I immediately thought of you and this picture. She got loud cheers from me:) I am disappointed that we were not able to stay longer and see you:(

    1. Very cool! Thanks for cheering her on! She qualified for Kona! Woohoo! Bummed I didn't see you!