Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hard Days with RA

I don't talk about my daily struggles with Rheumatoid Arthritis often, but I felt like it was important to write about the struggles I am facing right now because it is affecting my training. You see every day is a hard day it's just that some days are harder than others. This has been a rough couple weeks. I am trying to taper down on my prednisone which is a very long process. I just recently dropped down  again and it's been tough. But I want to see if I can work thru it because I desperately want to be off prednisone or at least on a lower dosage. There are a lot of side affects I am dealing with. One of these side affects is a lowered immune system. And because of this I am susceptible to picking up all kinds of things. For example I am on my 4th antibiotic for a chronic UTI. Not sure if you have experienced a severe UTI, but the pain is akin to urinating shards of glass and holding a match to your urethra. Sorry if TMI, but you get the point. It's pretty awful. Not to mention abdominal cramping and frequent urination. I'm also pretty sure I'm working on a case of bronchitis. And I have been fighting an RA flare since lowering the dosage. So needless to say I am not feeling good or sleeping good. But I don't have a lot of time left before race day and I'm already behind due to breaking my foot, so I can't afford to let anything hold me back. I know I need to train smart and healthy too, so I'm trying to find the balance and take care of me too. 
Today I had a long swim on the plan. I really wanted to just stay in bed. The house keeper was coming so that was out of the question. So after getting all my boys off to school I headed to the gym. Near tears, in pain and exhausted, I seriously considered sleeping in my car rather than going in. Even after going in, I sat in the locker room feeling sorry for myself. But then I pulled myself together and got into the water. And I DID it! I swam. And I swam 4400 yards with a 2:22 pace. It was hard, I was tired, but I got it done! There are going to be more hard days and I will face them as they come. But this day I won and RA did not!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I can't imagine going through that and still accomplishing what you do. You are truly an inspiration!!

  2. Most people never train for an Ironman and yet you have all the reasons in the world to quit and you don't! You are unstoppable and don't let it define you! I'm so sorry for the pain your in and wish I could take it away. Way to keep at your goals, nonetheless!

  3. I'm right there with you Jill. I've got a marathon in June to prepare for. I didn't want to run today but I did. This is the toughest battle I've ever been in.