Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pedaling the Prairie Ride

This ride for me is a confidence killer! Lol! I did it last year too. It is cold and so windy. It doesn't start until 9:00 am, but we wanted to get an earlier start. So my friend Susan and I set out about an hour early. We went about 25 miles or so before we got onto the course where other people had started out. At that point Susan took off at her pace. I'm sure it was killing her riding so slow with me. Ha! At about 50 miles I stopped for a rest room break and I fell getting back on the bike. I was so upset with myself. I am frustrated with all this falling business. And during all this I was directed to go right rather than straight because they hadn't known I had started early and had already done this portion of the course. And I was feeling defeated and was distracted. So I ended up repeating a part of the course - and of course it was the hilly portion and not the straight away. Oh my luck. So for the rest of the course I wasn't sure how much further I had to go! That was tough for me mentally! With the hills and the wind my pace was beyond discouraging. More than once I considered just pulling over for the SAG car. I am working way too hard to be this slow!

But let's look at the positives:
1. I rode my farthest ride EVER - 83 miles!
2. My cadence is significantly improving!
3. I worked on shifting gears!
4. I didn't brake going downhill and actually reached a speed of 26.4  mph! 
5. I worked on hydration and nutrition.
6. I didn't quit when I so desperately wanted to!
7.I rocked a sweet Panache Cycle kit and Rudy Project helmet and shades!
8. And last but not least, I got to spend a little bit of time with my awesome and inspiring friend Susan Oyler! 

So at least I am walking away with lessons learned along with these bumps and bruises!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

4400 Yards Baby!!

I swam 4400 YARDS!!!!!!! OMG! 2.5 miles baby! It was hard and felt so freaking fantastic! And I did it with a 2:16 pace which I am very proud of!!!! This is a great day ya'll!! Seriously near tears!! And the pool was so busy! I didn't care! I let out a big whoop and proceeded to tell the swimmer in the next lane all about it! Lol! I have no shame! Ha! Here is the workout I did!
Swim Workout:
100 easy free
200 fins ↑ broken arrow ↓ freestyle
200 pull buoy as 4 x (12 ½ scull + 12 ½ doggy paddle + 25 freestyle)
Main set
Part 1
4 x 100 freestyle 3" slower than Tpace (5")
400 maintain same pace as above
Part 2
4 x 100 freestyle 2" slower than Tpace (10")
500 maintain same pace as above
Part 3
4 x 100 freestyle 1" slower than Tpace (15")
600 maintain same pace as above
Part 4
4 x 100 TPace (20")
1 x 800 maintain same pace as above
This is a really good range to operate in for good aerobic development, but be warned – it is tough!