Friday, January 20, 2017

9 Weeks Post Avulsion Fracture

9 weeks post avulsion fracture/midfoot sprain and my physical therapist is very happy with my progress so far! I am getting some swelling up my leg as you can see in this picture. He said it's inflammation from using it and just needing to strengthen it. He said a large part of the pain in my foot is from Plantars Fasciitis. So we have been working to deal with that as well as strengthening my ankle, foot, calf, etc. We have resumed PT for my hip (s) as well. I was hoping to be running by now, but aside from a couple short interval slow jogs thrown into my walks I'm not cleared to run yet. He said the test is when I am able to walk on both my heels and my toes. And I'm just not there on my toes! Urgh! But I am listening to my PT. I'm doing everything I can be doing. And I'm hopeful I will get where I need to be in time! It has been hard watching my friends train for Ironman Texas and they are running12-13 mile right now and I am only walking. But I am trying to keep the faith! I WILL get there!
After Electrical Stimulation Therapy I got up and walked without a limp! It didn't last forever, but it sure was great while it did! Wish I had one of these at home!

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  1. The E-stim will help tremendously! Your patience will pay off! And you will be an Ironman! ❤️