Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 2016

I ran this 5k years ago before I knew I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was eager to get back to it this year after my diagnosis. I was excited to put together a team to run. I was just coming back and my coach agreed to let me "race" it, so we could use it as a time trial. I couldn't wait! And then I broke my foot! Ugh! I was thrilled I had wonderful people who were running for me, so I was still excited to go!
Prerace I got a pic with these sweet girls - Amanda, Leanne, and Lisa!! So cool they came out for me!
Sawyer and Emerson made great cheerleaders with me! It was COLD and they were troopers!
Ricky was super speedy!! If this boy would train I can't even imagine what he could do!
Everett went out and made a friend (Amanda's son - Blake) and had a blast running with him!
I enjoyed meeting Amanda (@run.amanda) so much! She and I hit it off as well as our boys!! And she placed 1st in her AG!!
Dene (@motomom327) came all the way from Chicago and her daughter Ashley ran too! Ashley placed 1st in her AG!!
And how adorable does Sarah (@tri_harder_sarah) look! She came out to run for me and she had a 30k race the next day!! It was so great to finally meet her!
My mom (@theironpat) ran her 2nd race ever!!! She came in 5th in her AG! As I was trying to crutch my way thru the crowd to get her pic I almost fell, so I missed her pic! I wish I could share with you the big, beautiful smile she had on her face as she crossed the finish line! I am so proud of her!
Post race pics with Sarah and Leanne (@lulurunstexas)! 
I am so grateful for this girl's friendship! We are two peas in a pod!! I can't wait to do a tri with Lisa (@lisamcde / Run, Supermom, Run) again!! Love her!
When my husband crossed the finish line he gave me his medal! When my oldest crossed he gave me his bell! I love these guys so much! And I love that they all support my crazy!!
I truly couldn't do it without this guy! He was looking forward to running this with me and not just for me, so he was really disappointed when I couldn't run it. He's not a runner, but he got out there and kicked butt!
Aren't these little elves just the cutest?!?!?


  1. I just adore those jingle bell medals!

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