Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5 Weeks Post Injury - Avulsion Fracture/Midfoot Sprain

Almost 5 weeks post fall and there is still some bruising and swelling, but it is looking so much better. I still have more pain than I had hoped for at this point, so I was concerned going in for my checkup with the orthopedist. 
But I got the best news!I have been following doctors orders to a T! RICE, anti inflammatories, oils, no activity or weight bearing, etc. and it has paid off! Doc said xrays looked good! The bone fragment hasn't shifted which is a great sign! He said to expect pain for the next few months until the ligament heals, but that I can swim and bike and do what I can tolerate! I can even come out of the boot as much as I can tolerate. I start physical therapy next week! I honestly didn't expect this good of news! And of course I headed straight for the gym to celebrate! 
I couldn't wait to get my legs moving! I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike with my boot on and I sweat! Woohoo!!
Then I followed with a 30 minute swim with the pull buoy (arms only). Not a bad swim for a girl who usually gets her power from her kicks!
What a great day! I am so happy to be incorporating in some training even if it's modified! I am feeling hopeful for Ironman Texas!!

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