Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Tough day! Went to see the orthopedist today. And it's broke! It turns out I have an avulsion fracture. My ligament snapped and when it did it broke off a piece of the bone. So we're dealing with the broken bone and ligament damage. The good news is it doesn't look like I will need surgery to repair it! Hallelujah! I am in an aircast and on crutches. I can't drive for at least two weeks. No activity (no swimming or biking or anything using my foot) at all for four weeks until I go back to see him. He expects recovery to be somewhere around 8 weeks if I'm really good! This is definitely not the news I was hoping for! Not sure what this means for Ironman training!?!? I'm really worried!

1 comment:

  1. If you are still working with your coach, I'm sure they will help you make a plan. I'm so sorry to hear this!! I know you will overcome and keep working! Sending you love and healing thoughts!