Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How Do You Vacation?

How do you vacation? Do you lay by the pool with a drink or soak up the rays on the beach? Or do you go, go, go? I have to say we definitely fall into the latter category which is really helpful when you're training. We are the type who cram our days exploring as much as we can no matter our destination. Here in Hawaii, on the Big Island, it fit us perfectly as we were able to explore, be active, and get in some training too!
In the mornings I was able to walk right out of our hotel and run along the popular Ali'i drive. Runners and bikers filled the streets and sidewalks and looking over to the water you saw swimmers swimming from Dig Me Beach - truly a triathletes dream!
There was no shortage of beautiful places to run along the way!
One of my favorite spots to run was Black Sand Beach!
You have to swim out to the Kona Coffee Boat with friends! I was able to check out the Ironman Kona swim course with friends Ashley and Ang! (More on our swim in my next post!)
Snorkling with my hubby in Hawaii has to be one of the best experiences of my life!
And I made a couple friends along the way!
And we were instant friends! You see we are about the same pace! In fact, he may even be a little faster! Lol!
We also went Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It is much harder in the ocean than it is in our laid back lake. Lol! Needless to say I fell in! Ha!
Another one of my favorites was our 6+ mile hike out at Green Sand Beach! Best views in the World!
So happy to have a partner who loves doing what I do - and when he doesn't he plays along. :0)
Another fun adventure was our bike/hike out in the lava fields! Though this girl could have used a helmet! Ha! It looks way easier than it was! It was a bumpy ride and lots of sliding around! But fun!
And how many people get to say they got to run on lava! There was more hiking and climbing, some running and jumping! What an amazing experience!
And the reward at the end was an active volcano! We got to watch lave erupt and flow right into the ocean!
We talk of one day laying on the beach sipping a drink, but neither of us are sure it's in us to do it! We really enjoy an active vacation! What about you?

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  1. These photos are all breathtaking! What an amazing trip!