Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Kor Project

You have likely started seeing the "upside down" shirt around. I love this idea of a running shirt that is printed upside down to motivate the person wearing it. So when you are struggling, feeling like you can't finish your run, you look down and find your motivation.

So I was excited when Chester Canlas, the man behind the mission at The Kor Project, dropped me a line on Instagram. I was happy he did because I had a few questions for him about his new project, and he agreed to do an interview with me. I know you will find his project as fascinating as I do.

Be on the look out for a giveaway soon from The Kor Project and Iron Will Iron Jill.

To learn more about The Kor Project:
Instagram: @thekorproject
Twitter: @thekorproject


  1. Great interview! Love the project and mission!

  2. Awesome interview!!! Great post, Jill giving the movement more awareness!

  3. Love this Jill😎 Wow how many times have I had to tell myself keep on running!!! Thanks for sharing