Monday, August 22, 2016

Running Gait Analysis

It's not good when you sit down to discuss your running gait analysis with 4 people and as soon as they start the video you hear gasps, and oh no's, and aww man. 
It turns out my form is causing all kinds of  problems. I have bilateral issues, but more significantly on the left inside. I have a right hip drop that forces out my left hip. I have issues with ankle flexion. I over pronate a bit. My arches are falling. There is left Glute muscle weakness. On a positive note I at least have good knee flexion. So that's something! 
These deficiencies explain my IT Band injury, Plantar's Fasciitis flares, and multiple stress fractures. 
It seems my issues are more structural than mechanical. And there are things I cannot change that exacerbate the issues such as my scoliosis and spondyliothesis. I was referred to a specialist for custom orthotics and told we really need to focus on strengthening these areas to prevent injury. I brought several pairs of my Zoot shoes with me and it seems like my issues were consistent with each shoe. So the shoes were great, the only suggestion was to pick one model and stick with it rather than vary from model to model between training runs. 
They did express concerns about increasing my volume for a 140.6. So obviously I'll do whatever it takes to get there!

You can see some of my issues in this still.

Have you ever had a running gait analysis done? What did you learn?


  1. Hi Jill. This is very informative and maybe I should have a running analysis done. I know you have been having a hard time getting back to where you were before your medical procedure and this should help you. I have been struggling getting back to where I have been a couple of yrs ago. I thought about you as I was running and wanted to offer some words of encouragement and you will get back and better than before. Your Iron will Jill after all; there is no alternative. No you have more info. about your gait and you will use it to get even better.
    Thank you for all the great info you put out for all of us to use and get better I really appreciate it.
    IG: ORrunner68 Don :)

  2. Hi Jill. When I was training for IM my coaches discouraged us from too much running. It was hard not to since it's my favorite of the three. But it is the place where you can get injured most. YOU will be able to run the marathon part!! It's the bike that will take the most time. So you have plenty of time to train for the marathon. Glad you found out about the issues but don't let it discourage you!!

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