Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Post Bike Stretch

Are you sore between the blades post bike ride or even post swim? Or do you just feel tension in your upper back? Here are a few stretches that can help you open up your back and relieve some of that tightness.

Lay on your back on a foam roller. Put your arms out in a T. Open up your chest and just relax and stretch for about a minute. 

Then continue with a T, a Y, and an I. Open to a T and bring arms up and together for 10 reps. 

Then bring arms out to a Y and together for 10 reps. 

And finally bring arms into an I position and together for 10 reps. 
Do 3 sets. I found this really helps relieve the stress in my upper back post workout. Simple and easy to do yet effective! Let me know if this helps!!


  1. I need these for sure! After my first ride yesterday - I'm all tension in my back!

    1. I hope they helped!! It is now a part of my post ride routine!!

  2. Omg, I need to do this after my outdoor rides. My back and neck get so cramped towards the end of it.

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