Sunday, July 10, 2016

Step It Up With Iron Will Iron Jill

Have you ever heard of the game/app called Diet Bet? Legendaries in the fitness world, such as Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, Chris and Heidi Powell, and Laila Ali, have all hosted/coached a game. Well the company Way Better who created Diet Bet has a new game called Step Bet and they asked ME to host/coach a game!

It's a 6-week online challenge where you work to hit custom step goals designed just for you. You can sign up now. The challenge begins July 25th. 

Here's how it works:

Download the app, get your goals & sign up for my game
Bet $40 on yourself
Hit your goals for 6-weeks
Succeed and get your money back while splitting the pot with the other winners
It's going to be a great time and I'll be there as your coach to help you along the way. #StepBet supports both FitBit and Apple Watch but you can also play with just your iPhone or Android. 

Sign up now and invite your friends to play too! The more who play the more it pays! Let's get fit together this summer!!


  1. They couldn't have picked a better host!!! ❤️ This is so great for accountability!

  2. Thank you Jess!! I'm flattered and very excited to host this game!!