Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Surgery and Two Weeks Post Op

This girl just won't quit!!
After suffering a prolapse during a long run (more in previous post), I had to have a hysterectomy, an anterior/posterior repair, and a sling put in. The surgery went well. I was up and about after about 30 hours. I took a walk around the hospital floor. The nurses were all impressed with my tenacity. It was a lot easier to be tenacious on pain meds!! 😜 I got off those pretty quickly after going home because they make me nauseous. Ibuprofen as the only pain management is not the most ideal way to recover. But all in all I have done really well!
Five days post op I started going on short walks. This was when my bladder and bowels were trying to recover from the repairs and it was a horrible nightmare. Really awful. Still not 100% but so much better than the first week and a half. 
One week later I walked a mile!! Had to keep it really close to home so I did laps around my cul de sac. But as I started being more mobile I started to do a little more here and there like pick up a little around the house. And it was the last week of school, so there were a couple activities for the boys I couldn't miss. And it was all way too much. I ended up doing nothing at all for two days after all that and that helped. Being at home I see all the projects I neglected while 70.3 training. I started organizing my closet......yet another mistake. I have got to learn how to relax! This recovery business is tough!!!

At my two week follow up appt Dr. Syal said the tummy issues and swollen belly are not normal. He thinks one of two things happened. I can't take the typical antibiotics give during surgery because I am allergic. It could be from the antibiotics they gave me in the hospital. I did have some reaction while there where they had to give me a strong dose of benedryl. Or it could be I picked up some sort of infection. He gave me an antibiotic and I should see improvement within 5 days. Hopefully this will help improve my recovery.
"Endurance - the power to withstand pain or hardships; the ability or strength to continue despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions"

As triathletes and long distance runners, endurance is our thing. We push thru and endure conditions most will never understand. Thru this journey I have found the strength to overcome and endure more than I ever thought imaginable. I am incredibly grateful for all the hardships I have faced and everything I have learned and will learn from them.


  1. You are amazing! Recovering sounds tough, but you are doing all the right things & I know you'll be back at it in no time!

  2. Holy crap, I just realized all this that happened to yoU! You are a warrior, hangin there and keep inspiring!!

  3. I finally got a chance to read your blog. I had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did! But I like you tried to get back into things too fast. I would walk 1-2 miles in morning and 1-2 at night. I remember my first day jogging ( about 6 weeks ) only about 1/8 of a mile. ( lol ) and I was so excited! Please be careful to listen to your body. I've ran many ultras and a 50 miler since. You will be back soon!! Hugs to you Jill!!!💗💕‼️ Janice ( prayandrun

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