Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Get it done on your run!

I struggle with incorporating stretching and strength training into my workout regiment. As I have shared this struggle with others I have learned I am not alone. So I have been working on trying to find easy ways to make it work and incorporate it into my daily routine. Typically when I go out for a workout I only plan the time it takes to complete the workout and then I rush right back into my responsibilities. Here are some ways that help me get it done!
Get outside and get fit! No matter how slow, no matter how fast, no matter how short, no matter how long you can't go wrong!! Every little bit counts!!
If you have restrictions or limitations, check with your doctor to see what you can do. Getting outside in the fresh air and moving around does so much for not just your body but your mind. If you need to break it into small outings through the day do what you can. Starting small is better than not starting at all!!
Here, being restricted post surgery, I just did 3 wall sits for 10 seconds each on the way thru walking the trail and again on the way back. Nothing too challenging for me but letting myself do something. 
I love this multipurpose trail in my neighborhood that everyone uses for dog walking, walking, running, biking, and a fitness circuit. (Photo bombed by an unknown biker)
Ladder climbs - chances are you may not have this particular piece of equipment readily available to you. But you may pass a jungle gym, a slide, or other playground equipment. Find a way to challenge a muscle group or groups you may or may not be targeting for that workout. Try something fun and different to break up your run!
Use your resources!! I'm very fortunate that along the running path in our neighborhood there is a series of fitness equipment. But even if you don't have something like this you can use kid's playground equipment, a tree, a bench, a bridge railing, a curb, or just yourself. Do some lunges or squats. Drop and do some pushups. This is really good to do between running intervals!
Stretch during your workout or right after before you go inside. I stop along one of my favorite running paths for the view and some stretching.

Whatever you do get it done! Stretching and strength training not only make you stronger and enhance your performance, but it is vital for injury prevention!

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  1. Amazingly motivational and inspiring article! I myself am a big procrastinator when it comes to fitness and exercise so this was article was much needed for me.