Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pre Race Fun

It was a lot of fun getting everything laid out for race day. Racing was beginning to feel like a real possibility.
Saturday morning we woke up early. The kids went to my parents house to head down to Galveston later. Rick and I left around 8:00 am to head to the island. 

After checking into our hotel we went to check out Ironman Village. The excitement in the air was electric. I have to be honest I was feeling a bit out of my league. I went thru check in. Everywhere we went people spoke to Rick as if he was the one racing. When I went to the t-shirt table in check in she looked past me and said um the men's t-shirts are that way. Lol! People talked to Rick about my bike. Everyone asked him all about his racing. Ha! It is definitely a male dominated sport but to assume each time it was Rick racing and not me was surprising to me.

Team Zoot met at The Spot for lunch.  What a great group of amazing athletes! And how exciting to be among them!

Then we headed back for bike check in. This is the real deal!! I racked my bike and just prayed I would make it thru the race ok. I was super worried about mounting, the turnaround, and dismounting. I was worried about the wind. I was worried about nutrition and hydration. I was worried how much pain I would be in and hoped that I could tolerate it! But I was excited! I was eager to try!

After bike check in the Tritats team met up! I feel like I have known these guys forever!! Such a fun group!! I know I have established friendships that will last a lifetime!

Rick and I headed to the place we love the most! The beach! We walked along the beach hand in hand and enjoying taking some down time away from the excitement to just enjoy each other. He has been so supportive and sacrificed a lot for me thru this process. And I was super impressed with his Sherpa skills! He went above and beyond my expectations!

Then we met the Strike Force Racing Team for dinner! Without my coach and her husband I could have never made it this far! And my team mates are a source of constant encouragement and support for me!

I was wiped out! It was a crazy, busy, exciting, fun day!! We went back to the room and I prepared for the next day! I got my TriTats on! I was ready!!

Not much for sleep came that night! And when it did I dreamt of oversleeping, not being able to find my way to transition or to the start, of a million little things going wrong......But I got up on time and got ready to go!!!! I was going to do this!!!

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  1. Sounds like a busy but fun day!!! Yay for race weekend!