Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ironman 70.3 Texas Run

Out of all my pictures this is the only one that I am not wearing a huge smile on my face! I love all my pics because they really show what a good time I was having and how happy I was to be there! This one shows I had to work for it.
Going into this race after falling on the bike all I kept thinking was if I make it to the run I am golden. I am a runner after all. My coach and the doctor had both told me to try out all three disciplines post crash to make sure I felt ok. I was so worried about my elbow I totally ignored my hip. It was bruised and all black and blue but I never considered it as something that could hold me back. So I swam and I biked and I determined though painful I was going to try to race. And during the race it hurt. By time I got to the run my elbow was hurting pretty good but I was to the run so I was golden right?!?! Well that first lap my hip and knee were hurting and I thought I just needed to shake it out. By the second lap it was clear that wasn't going to happen so I was just going to push thru the pain. It was so hot out there and no shade on the course. And I was needing to make up for some lack of hydrating well on the bike. So I made a deal that if I ran I would allow myself to walk thru the aid stations. I had to stop and wait in line for a port a potty too ugh. But at least I was hydrated so that was a good sign. By time I got to that third lap the shooting pain from my hip to my knee was taking my breath away. But I was still so happy because there was no doubt I was going to cross that finish line. So I had a blast thru the entire race until those last two miles. I was trying to hold my hip up as I ran to alleviate the pain shooting into my knee upon impact. But I was not going to walk. Nothing was going to stop me!

And this picture says it all!! You might not know it but I am crying and smiling. I am excited and relieved. I am overjoyed and exhausted. I am going finish!!!! I have a list of reasons why I almost didn't get to do this race. I have a lot of excuses I could have used not to get out there and try. But I am a fighter. And I fought hard for this!

What is usually by far my best discipline ended up being the most challenging. While my pace was not where I had imagined it would be, it still moved me up 26 ranks in my age group. 


  1. You're mental game was on point! You are amazing! I'm so proud to call you my bestest friend and to watch all that you have ahead of you! Way to kill this race even with every obstacle that came your way!!!

  2. That hip had to have been so painful. Way to push through and get it done! So happy and proud to call you my friend!