Saturday, January 23, 2016

Back on the Road

I signed up to do a supported 46 mile ride called Ride Thru the Forest and Hills. A supported ride meant there would me police ensuring a safe route, there would be port a potties and rest stops if needed, and people along the course to offer support in case of injury or mechanical difficulties. This appealed to me a great deal. I could use every bit of support out there! And next time I should really pay attention to the name of the race. Hahaha.....

That morning the temps were going to be freezing. So I went to the bike store and bought a skull cap, toe warmers, and wool bike socks to wear with my tights and shorts, double layer shirts, windbreaker, gloves, and tube scarf. It turned out to be below freezing! 28 degrees to be exact! But the gear worked and the weather cooperated and I was mostly comfortable. Well temperature wise anyway. Lol!

The ride was a huge VICTORY for me! Because my crash that resulted in two surgeries and months of recovery, I really struggle with my confidence on the bike. Most of my rides I do on the trainer. Well I got out there and did 46 very hilly (1900+ elevation gain/loss) miles! And I didn't fall! It wasn't fast but that ride was all mine!!

Those hills made this ride one of the most challenging workouts I have ever done! They were insane! By the end there were some who just got off and walked their bikes up. I'm not going to lie it was tempting. But I pushed thru ever so slowly. And that was a reward in itself! But I am definitely looking forward to a flatter ride next time!

And the best part was my new friend Susan came out for the ride too!! I look forward riding together again!

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