Friday, December 18, 2015

Sting or Bee Stung!

I am proud to announce I am a part of the Honey Stinger family for 2016! It is great to be a part of something you love! 

I struggle with sports nutrition because I am picky and my stomach is even pickier! Honey Stinger is delicious! It is made from all natural products! AND it is easy on the stomach! 

I love all their waffles, but if I had to pick a favorite caramel would be it! Chocolate is a close second though! I eat these for breakfast, pre workout, post work out, and as a treat!

And because they are made from all natural products they are great for the whole family!! I use the chews out on my runs and my four boys have their very own they use for their runs! 

So there you have it! My favorite nutrition for before, during, and after workouts! And I am how lucky am I to "bee" a member of the Honey Stinger hive! Sting or Bee Stung!!

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