Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weights and Pull ups

I can say my upper body is weak because it's been neglected during my clavicle/shoulder recovery. While that is true, the real truth is it's always been that way. Even when I've incorporated weights regularly in my fitness regiment, I've never felt strong. I want that to change!
I had my husband spot me with the bar that weighs 45 pounds. In my defense that is 43% my body weight. Lol it was so hard!!!! I was able to do 3! Three!! Haha! Well it's a start! I traded the bar out for my 12lb weights and finished my sets.
Yet another blow to my ego was my attempt at doing pullups. This was as good as it got! I could not stop giggling because it was so hard! But I am holding onto this picture because I am going to look back on it and laugh when I am doing them like a champ!

After all 3 of my bench presses and my 1/2 a pull up I am so sore! Lol!! I've got some serious work to do!

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