Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Climbing to the Top

I love taking a unique and challenging approach each time never giving up until I reach the top!
 I had no idea how intense a 2 hour rock climbing workout could be! Granted we went after I did a 5 mile run. I don't think I'll do that again. I believe I used just about every muscle in my entire body! My muscles were burning and by the end I was shaking as I made my way to the top!
 My youngest, Emerson, wanted to go rock climbing for his 4th birthday. He was a beast. He had no fear. He spent more time climbing in the adult section than he did the kid's section. He came across a little trouble because his reach was just a little too short on some points on the course. But he never gave up! He climbed for two hours and his excitement never waned!
 Daddy only chose the most challenging courses while Mommy did whatever it took to get to the top!

I can't wait to go again! I'm definitely going to make rock climbing a more frequent addition to my workouts!

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