Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My First Love, Trail Running


My love of running first originated on the trails. I have always enjoyed hiking. My husband and I, even when we were first dating would go on long hikes and camping trips. After we had kids, we would take them along. So it was only natural when I started running I headed straight for the trails.
I feel like I can breathe more deeply when I'm out on the trails. I can quiet my mind and be at peace. My own little escape.
My very first race was a 10k trail run. I had only started running 4 weeks before! I worried that a 10k was a little ambitious, but I went for it! My time was 1:08:25/11:00 pace and I thought I was flying! I was so proud!
My next race was almost two months later. It was also a 10k trail run. My time was 59:57/9:38 pace. 8 1/2 minutes off my time and I made my first PR!
After that I was bitten by the speed and distance bug. I was ultra focused on improving! I still hit the trails on occasion, but not as much. I am determined now to get back to the trails more often. While always looking to improve, I need to also remember my love of running and the peace I find on the trails. 

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