Saturday, October 10, 2015

Letter to myself for 6 months from today

To Iron Jill,
     For 6 months you have trained for this day. You have put in countless hours, sweat, and I'm sure there were even tears along the way. You never gave up! I am sure the old doubt and anxiety is creeping in but remember to trust your training. On October 10th, you have yet to bike even 35 miles. You are running 10 miles. And while you can swim the distance 1.2 miles you are dreaming of faster times. I know with hard work and determination you have increased your mileage, gotten faster, and are even stronger now. You are ready! Training is not just a physical challenge but a mental one. And each moment you dedicated to your training has brought you to this moment. I want you to go out and fight hard for your goals. But I want you to have fun and enjoy the race. Remember to smile, remember to say an encouraging word to another athlete who may need it, remember that this is your dream and you are living it girl! Things will likely go wrong and you will be challenged in ways you couldn't imagine. And from these things you will learn and grow, so take them in stride. Remember it's one foot (or stroke or rotation) in front of the other and just breathe! You've got this!

Truly yours!!