Monday, September 14, 2015

Professional Pics from Towne Lake OLY

I love these pics from my first OLY! Frankly I feel like a bad ass!! It was such a tough race and I feel like these pics really capture how much pride I felt out there on the course and crossing that finish line! And I really appreciate that Bayou City Triathlon Series offers the pics for free!

I came out smiling and crying!
 I was so excited I conquered the swim!!
I've come a long way on the bike
since my accident!
But I still ride gripping the brakes! 

18.3 mph for 25 miles! A PR for me!
You can really see my scoliosis in this pic.
But I still love it because it shows just one
more thing I won't let get in my way!
This is one of my favorites!
 I feel beautiful and strong!
Reaching the finish line knowing
 I have to be close to my goal!
So happy! Pure joy on my face!
I did it! A strong FINISH!
All time favorite finisher pic!

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