Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cypress Sprint Triathlon Race Report

The Cypress Sprint was a 550 meter swim, 13 mile bike ride, and 5k in the Bridgeland Community. It was a really nice course! 

SWIM: It was a very foggy morning. The fog was so dense you could not make out the buoys in front of you. The shaded goggles didn't help. During the swim a man was turned around and swimming the wrong direction, that's how little you could see. I started with my usual panic and breast stroke. Eventually I got over it and swam, but it took way too long! I got out of the water feeling defeated, but when I look at this picture I feel strong! It was a tough swim!
BIKE: The course for the bike was really nice. Mostly flat, but more incline than I am used to. The most difficult challenge on the bike was the 40-44 year old guys were in the wave behind mine and on the bike it was tough because they were flying by me! At one point I was being passed by guys on the left and another guy illegally passed me on the right. I screamed pretty loud, I am sure I was a sight! Ha! While what he did was wrong and potentially dangerous, I really need to get out on the road more so I can handle those situations better. My bike was again my fastest ride yet! My average speed was 18.3! Which is super for me! I got off the bike and sped thru transition. 

RUN: When I got to the run I was passing people like crazy! Not a single person got by me. I felt good! But I had my watch set for total time and not pace and so I had no idea what my pace was. I feel like because I was passing everyone I felt like I was going fast, but I probably could have pushed faster. 

FINISH: My overall time was 1:27:28. And I was 18 out of 53 in my age group.

I love having teammates out there racing with me! So fun! Love these guys!

The swim pace was adjusted because the course ended up being longer at 600 meters rather than 550 meters. So swim pace for the adjusted difference was 2:45.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Run the Wild 5k

This was the first 5k I have run healthy or have run for me and not just running with my kiddos or friends for fun. And it felt great! My boys came and ran their 5k and my friend Ellen came and ran her second 5k! It was my fastest 5k yet! My time was 23:31 and my pace was 7:34!! I was 6th out of 57 in my age group! So close!