Monday, April 27, 2015

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Over the last two years I have been seeing so many specialists. I've seen a pain specialist, orthopedists, endocrinologist, oncologist/hematologist, cardiologist, dermatologist, and more. I had 8 injections in my spine, daily iron infusions, a slew of medications, and even more diagnosises. Finally my endocrinologist worked with a rheumatologist in getting me in. After ordering a copy of all my tests from the various doctors and a very thorough blood screening it was determined the reason for my pain is inflammatory arthritis. My grandfather died from complications from rheumatoid arthritis. And having hypothroidism and raynaud's it's not unusual for other autoimmune issues to turn up. I am just grateful we now have a course of action to take. And treating it early helps to prevent progression and further damage to the joints. 

A week before my first triathlon, and I woke up unable to walk. I was covered in a horrible, itchy and painful rash and my body swelled up. Every joint in my body hurt. I was experiencing a flare in my arthritis. My dermatologist and rheumatologist work closely together since many of the symptoms are related. So I went in to see my dermatologist. I scooted my feet into the building. It was a painstaking journey. She took pictures and biopsies and got in touch with my rheumatologist. They increased my steroid dosage to a high dose. And within two days I could walk and I was able to get back to my training! I was hopeful that I would make it to do my triathlon. I did not want this to stop me from my dream! I had already come so far and overcome so much!